Public owner: Department of National defense - Air Force.

Rehabilitation + Extension.

36 000 sqm - Rehabilitation: 32 000 sqm - Extension: 4 000 sqm

General contractor: Franck Hammoutène architect associated with IAA common agent (design + realization).

Core Mission MOP project management + project management for interior fittings + signage.

Complete Rehabilitation of the high rise building "Tour F ' (R + 16 / 86 meters height) type Z.
Central services of the airbase 117 and hosting 761 beds.
Built by the architect Pierre Large in 1971, the original set will be entirely boneless and asbestos removed; only the concrete core and main metal structures are preserved.
High rise building 86 meters high intended to receive all central services of the airbase 117, and staff housing in 761 individual studios, all sees its operation as massing, its templates and its facade completely remodeled. And represents 36000 sqm of flooring.
On the immediate edge of Southern ring, visible from the Garigliano bridge at the door of the Plaine, the Tower F renovated is one of the milestones of the southern Paris skyline.